Every aspect of your health relies heavily on your brain’s ability to communicate with all your body organs.

A disconnect or a wrong signal interpretation between your body and the brain will most certainly send you into a health downward spiral.

Your brain needs nutrition and oxygen. You have successfully done that. That is why you are still alive. But, it also needs exercise.

The way to exercise your brain is by provoking it to the imagination and thought challenge.

Challenging your brain to think harder makes you smarter and mentally stronger. A weak brain is a liability you should not entertain.

That is when reading books and informational materials become handy.

Reading is a mental exercise. It is never easy as most people will try to have you believe. And the reason is that when you are reading, you have to imagine what you are reading. 

Your brain is not passively getting the information. It is not a free flow of events, but you have to connect how events are happening in the book.

Unlike watching a movie or TV, where your brain has everything processed and presented, reading requires that you be alert – be in the moment – or else you miss out on what is going on.

If you do not like reading, you are doing a lot of brain damage to yourself. You are at risk. Your brain is becoming weaker by day.

You: Why is that?

That’s because your brain develops and grows depending on the signals it receives from receptors. 

If it receives no signals, nothing happens at best. At worst, you lose important brain connections and brain cells.

Reading or learning something creates new connections in the brain (neural network), making your brain healthier and stronger.

Why reading can save your health

Reading has tremendous mental health benefits. It increases your brain activity and neural plasticity, which ensure your overall health.

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that helps you read and understand. Apart from that, it is the part that makes you different from all other animal species.

You use the frontal lobe for;

  • planning
  • decision making
  • retaining memory
  • problem-solving
  • intentional focusing and concentration

Here is the kicker, reading provoked all those functions. It brings them together at the same time or at different times. And after reading, those functions become better developed. 

Unfortunately, information retention has a half-life. You lose it as time passes. You have to read as often as possible.

To bring the point home, I want you to think of something you read recently. How much of it can you remember?

I guess most of it. Right?

Now think of something you read 10 or 15 years ago. How much can you remember?

If you are like most people, you do not remember very much.

The information in your brain needs to be refreshed for it to stick for longer. Otherwise, it will slowly fade away, and the brain function will fade along with it.

Reading improves your brain interconnectivity in the frontal lobe, increasing the brain activity in that region.

What health benefits does reading have?

Reading improves your brain function. Then your brain generates signals and sends them to the whole body. Your body and health are reflections of what your brain has been consuming.

Taking time alone to read has the following benefits;

1. Prevents cognitive decline

Reading delays the onset of age-related cognitive decline. That is not a coincidence but a clear indication that reading preserves neural networks.

Dementia and other forms of memory loss are low among the people who frequently read.

And as I said earlier, memory and the ability to read are in the frontal lobe. Reading habits will improve your ability to remember things in life.

2. Prevents Anxiety, stress, and depression

When you have any of these psychological disorders, your brain sets your whole being into a survival mode.

These three conditions happen to affect the flow of blood to the frontal lobe. When any of them occurs, you only want to get through life: no plans and no motivation. Your reasoning ability declines, and you start relying more on instincts.

Regular readers invoke reasoning and imagination. That increases the flow of blood to the frontal lobe.

Grasping new information sparks excitement in the reader’s mind due to the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which has the same effect as getting a new DM on your favorite social media. That excitement improves your mood.

Reading also helps you improve your social life. An example is when you can relate what you read to help someone better their life. People like those who can help them solve their life problems. That way, you develop a sense of self-worth and confidence, reducing stress and depression in your life.

3. Focus and concentration

Reading requires that you get rid of all things that might distract you. Attention is vital if you will reap any immediate benefits of reading.

Reading calls for discipline. And the more you do it, the more the ability to focus on other tasks improves.

No one has ever achieved anything for having an unfocused mind.

Regular readers attain a higher degree of concentration and focus not because their brain is better than the rest of the population but because reading naturally calms the brain, not just in the moment but for a prolonged time.

If you have problems because you cannot have your brain focused, make reading the first thing you do in the morning.

4. Helps you make better health choices in life

Most of the knowledge is never taught at schools. Schools teach the conventional ways of doing things.

Can you see a problem?

Overreliance on government, high dept, valuing short-term comfort over long-term benefits, etc.

But real wisdom comes from the intentional search for knowledge.

Do you want something?

Get it yourself instead of waiting for it to be handed to you.

Reading gives you a variety of ways to solve problems in life. You have multiple things to compare. You have many choices, and all you have to do is pick the best.

Without reading, you are stuck with conventional solutions that everybody is going after.

If everybody is heading a certain route, it is time for you to stop and ask why that is so.

Most people are ordinary, looking for ordinary solutions, and they will get just ordinary results. 

Is that what you want? To be just ordinary?

Reading separates you from the rest of the herd.

And what does that have to do with your health?

You make better health choices.

You will know that sugar and high-carb diets are terrible for your health and that processed foods are killers.

And that’s not all: you will become aware of the bad health decisions you always make. Reading can turn the course of your health for the better.

What you need for effective reading

What you need for effective reading

As with everything you do, you want your reading to give you results. You want to get as much knowledge and thrill from reading and not feel like you are wasting your precious time.

To trigger the proper transfer of information from a text to the imagination and then to memory, you need four things at their basic to get started.

  • The ability to recall facts – reading does you no good if you cannot remember what the previous two paragraphs communicated. You need to retain information about a text to understand the message conveyed. Until a complete picture is clear, you are not at liberty to forget a piece of what you are reading.
  • Focus and concentration – singleness of mind when you sit to read cannot be overemphasized. You have to get your brain to be in the moment when you are reading. You cannot afford to have stray thoughts that have nothing to do with what you are reading interfere.
  • High brain processing speed – the ability to process information faster helps you be a better reader. You will not have to revisit statements or words to understand a text.

Imagine watching a TV or a movie.

What makes it more entertaining than reading?

The answer is that most information you get from watching is already broken down for you to consume. Reading, on the other hand, calls for imagination. You have to see with your brain rather than with your eyes. And to effectively do that, you need your brain to be at its best.

  • Calmness – stillness is when you are relaxed and can take in information like a hypnotized person. It is the absence of distraction.

Reading is not just going through written words. You need to be calm to allow those words to sink into your memory. Otherwise, you will not retain as much knowledge as you’d want.

Now what?

Effective reading may sound like a dog trying to chase its tail. The thing it is asking from you is the exact thing you want from it.

The good news is that reading asks for far too little compared to what it can do for you. With practice, you will reap a big reward for reading.

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This supplement provides you with all the four essentials for effective reading.

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